Just a new by in need

So I’m new and have a bunch of well not stupid questions, but newb questions. I just need some clarification mainly I think. If someone could PM me or I could give someone an email address so we discuss things without me putting a ton of questions on the forum I would be very grateful. I’VE gone through most of the tutorial videos by giraffe academy but am now trying to put it all together in my head and in my code. Thanks ahead of time for any help y’all can give. Brian

Hi there – The disadvantage of 1-on-1 communication is that only you benefit from someone’s volunteered time/knowledge. Try asking your questions here, so that others may benefit as well.


I certainly don’t mind doing that I’m just worried that my questions might be seen as too simple, or i might get told to go read the docs which I have already. I’m just trying to connect the dots here to make sure I understand everything. Plus I have quite a few questions and will ask more as all this goes along. So long as y’all are ok with that… here we go.

So first things first. So you use index, list, and single htmls to render each set of pages that can call up the various md pages that are in the content file. The md files use mark down and html(?) for content on each page. each md file has front matter based on what the archtype file requires. I am assuming that the front matter is used for querying somehow, but just haven’t got that far yet. so is that correct so far? Feel free to explain if you like. I just started hugo about 2 weeks ago and am liking it quite a bit. It seems very straight forward and understandable despite not knowing go-lang or much about websites beyond html and css.

I don’t know anyone else that understands this sort of thing here in my part of the world. Dallas/FtWorth area. I’m sure there a several people in my area who do and would love to talk with them because I’m dying to learn more. thus the reason for the e-mails not to deny the community in any way. I look forward to hearing from y’all and learning. Brian

FYI @Prophoss, if you indent paragraphs, the markdown processor in here will format as a code block, so, recommended to avoid. (I fixed it for you)

so noted, thanks

Basically yes, that’s right. Please see Requesting Help and provide some more details and a specific question, if you need. Also, see the Recommended Reading Reference page in here.

thanks for the links. I need to figure out how to use git-hub so when I run into a specific problem I can request help. The reading list should keep me busy for a bit. I’m gonna do some coding and I’ll come back and add questions as i go. I don’t have any issues yet that are specific just general understanding of the overall design and what they are used for accordingly. Thanks again


In addition to what Rick mentioned, I recommending exploring the exampleSite/ folder of various themes (only some themes have this).

Just head over to https://themes.gohugo.io/ and click the “Download” button on a given theme, which will bring you to the theme’s git repo, then explore its project contents.

See the academic theme for an example that has many front matter options.

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