Integrating Hugo and Square

I’ve seen a very helpful write up on using Snipcart with Hugo, but has anyone tried to integrate the Square API? I’m not really sure it’s possible with a static site but I thought I’d ask if anyone has done it. I really don’t want to use their site template for my online store because I think it looks terrible. I’d also rather it match my Hugo site. Any insights would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I’ve integrated both. Take a look at the Stripe API Libraries.

I’m wanting to try to integrate Square instead of Stripe.

Here is what I was hoping to try to do. I’m a woodworker by hobby and have built my site using Hugo. I go to markets and I use Square since they have the mobile card reader for transactions and I also use them to keep up with my inventory. You can use their site builder to build an online store, but I really hate how it looks. It also doesn’t look like the rest of my site. I was wondering if it’s possible to integrate Square using their API into Hugo so I can build a store page using Hugo so it matches my site but can still use Square to keep track of my inventory and payments for markets and online. I guess it would work with static sites as well? I’m just not well versed in what is and isn’t possible with static sites.

Sorry about that,
Here is the Square API Docs.

You should have no issues implementing that with Hugo, but you’ll likely need to look into working with Hugo Modules.

Your question on what is not possible somewhat depends on the context. If you are able to use modules and functions, I cannot think of a scenario that would not be possible to implement.

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Great thanks! I’ve never done anything with Hugo Modules (first I’ve even heard of it to be honest). You’ve given me a good place to start. Thanks so much!!