Glosa commentary system

glosa commentary system “Comments for static sites. Clone of Disqus, but faster, Opensource and sexy.”

I like the demo. Has anyone implemented it in Hugo? There seems to be no documentation. I would like to give it a try on my local machine before I replace my disqus but I have no idea how the thing works. Please point me in the right direction. What do I need to know?

(I am a Hugo newbie and even though I did some easy Python projects before I failed to repeat the Isso feat of stiobhart on my Windows10).

No, this question is beyond the scope of support in this forum.

From the linked GitHub organisation it is apparent that Glosa comes with a server that needs to be run in a hosting environment.

Their repo about static site integration via JS should work for Hugo also.

Please try asking at their repos for support and documentation.

Thank you!
I have found some explanations how does it work.

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