Hugo on Ipad Pro

Sorry for a likely silly question.
Is it possible to run Hugo and develop a site on an Ipad Pro ?
I am currently running a PC with W10 and considering buying an Ipad Pro.
Thanks for your feedback

Not really. iOS doesn’t allow much love for developers!

Certainly you can edit .md files either remotely or locally (though you will then need to somehow synchronise them). Using something like Microsoft OneDrive or Dropbox would work along with a suitable text editor.

But no, you cannot run any development languages on iOS AFAIK without Apple’s blessing which they don’t give typically. They certainly don’t let you run servers.

You ought to be able to do it on an Android tablet though if you really must.

There are also some low-cost Windows 10 tablets like the Linx that would work. I have one of those - I picked it up so cheaply that I use it instead of a photoframe on our landing! It was cheaper than a dedicated electronic photoframe. They work pretty well as long as you don’t try to multi-task too much.

A chromebook would probably also work.


It should be possible – but I don’t think anyone has done it. I just don’t think anyone has done it yet. But it would fall deeply into the hacker category, and I would not recommend it. But it should be possible to compile and run Hugo on IOS; whether you get it passed into the Apple app store, that is another question.

I don’t see why you need “developer tools” to develop a site in Hugo. A good text editor should get you far. And when Hugo gets some basic SASS etc. assets handling, i think It could even be kind of nice.

This is on my list of things to investigate when I get some spare time … But that list is sadly fairly long.

Thank you for the clear answers.
Since I am not a developer, I don’t actually need “developer tools” but just to be able to manage a site.
I am not familiar with what you call “basics assets handling” but it sounds like what I should need to do so.
Thanks again.

I have found out that full Hugo site development is not currently possible in iOS but whenever I am on the go (and cannot bother carrying a laptop) I use the git client Working Copy to manage my Hugo projects.

It’s not free but it’s easy to use (even if you are not a Dev) and it has some good documentation. Also it can work with some fancy Markdown editors to make the experience even smoother.

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If you’re wanting to write/edit pages and posts, you could also try one of the content management systems like Netlify CMS or Forestry.

Both are browser-based and should work perfectly well in Safari (I know Forestry does).

For all German speakers (or those you can understand German): in my podcast „iOS produktiv“ we recorded an episode where we talk extensively about how to use Hugo on an iPad Pro. It‘s Episode 32 from December 1, 2019. :wink:

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Same here, I manage both a development and production environment using the IOS app “Working Copy” connected to Gitlab that syncs to Netlify for building and hosting. Works well enough. I do both theme changes and new posts without much hassle. If you just want to manage posts, maybe is something to look into?