Hugo + iPad Pro

My main setup for Hugo is:

Local install on my MacBook Pro. “hugo server” runs in the background, I edit in Sublime Text, browser updated whenever I hit save.

Once everything looks good, git commit, git push to server, and it gets deployed on a Digital Ocean droplet.

This has worked really well for me. And I even run two mailing lists using Hugo as a template output engine for the emails (to then get sucked up by Campaign Monitor and blasted off).

But, I’d love to be able to travel without my MacBook Pro. Do it all on my iPad.

Is there a way to hack a local install on iOS? I assume, no, but wondered if anyone had built a kind of “container” app for just this sort of thing.

I realize I could setup a staging server on DO, treat that as my “local” install, and then push from there to my main server, but I really enjoy being able to edit / work offline.

Thoughts? Anyone else manage to setup a good iPad-based Hugo workflow?

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This is not really iPad or iOS related. Research systems like and Netlify CMS. You add some html/js, then do your stuff on your own domain (internet connection required) and it adds to your content in the repository. There are more systems like that but those two came to my mind. They all need some work to setup.

There are more, Google “forestry vs netlify” might bring up more to check out.

No chance so far. iOS only allows interpreted code (like Python via Pythonista), no compiled code like running the Go compiler.

Have you heard of Working Copy? That’ll get you the “offline” part.

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@lewisl posted about their Dropbox / iPhone setup recently: Hugo with Dropbox and iPhone <long>. I don’t use it myself, but perhaps this helps.

I use personally Textastic (for Editor) + Working Copy (for Git) to blog on hugo on thu go ^^

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