Publish from mobile

This doesn’t really fit support or any categories, it’s just something I have been thinking about lately.

Right now, I use a markdown editor on my phone, sync it with icloud and copy paste into hugo when I get to a computer. Then, a script handles pushing to git hub, pulling to the server and building the pages.

Anyone else have a similar setup?

I’m thinking about improving this process with the workflow app, so that at least the iCloud version can have the frontmatter I need.

For the building, a simple cron job would do the trick, pulling content from github or icloud and running the command is more than enough.

How about writing in a text editor and pasting the code directly in Github? Just switch to desktop version on your mobile and insert your code through a commit.

I think (conceptually) something like the open source Netlify CMS would be a good option. I admit I haven’t tested it, but it just reached 1.0 and has plenty of features and a built-in markdown editor. You don’t need to use Netlify to host; if you already have a deployment setup triggered by commits to GitHub it should just work.

A side comment is this …

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I use the Termux terminal emulator on my Android phone with git installed, then git clone my Hugo site to /sdcard/Documents/markor/ where the app Markor can edit my markdown.

I found that I could download the Hugo for Linux (ARM64) and place it at /data/data/com.termux/files/usr/bin/hugo to use Hugo on my phone. The only issue is that Hugo cannot download files, but that is fine for me running a local site.

So basically I have a full Hugo workflow on my phone. I find that the Hacker’s Keyboard app works best with Termux, personally.

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That is amazing! I’m gonna try it myself.