Blogging with Hugo from an Android Tablet

I don’t know if this really qualifies as a “Tip & Trick” –more like an exercise in self-flagellation! But I thought one or two of you might be interested to read my account of the ‘fun’ [?] I had when I set myself the challenge of seeing if it was possible to use Hugo from an Android tablet:

Spoiler: There was a bit of “virtual Debian” involved too!

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Nice job!

I have to say, while I love vim I can’t imagine using it on a touch screen. Though, to be fair, I can’t stand typing anything of length on a touch screen. Maybe once Microsoft’s recently announced folding keyboard comes out I’ll give blogging via tablet another try.

Interesting. I just noticed that you’re actually running Hugo on your tablet. That’s pretty impressive. You deserve every last one of those geek points.

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Go should have some Android-support, and, as of yesterday, iOS. Would be cool to see a PoC of Hugo running on the native OS of these tablets!

(… an then try to do the same with Jekyll :-))

Yes. I think I probably need to make that a bit clearer in my intro to the article: that it’s an attempt to go through the entire process of blogging with Hugo on Android, including site generation and syncing/uploading –not just composing a post on a touchscreen.

I’m waiting with baited breath for the day when Go package app is a first class citizen on Android and you can actually create ‘proper’ apps in it, without having to resort to touching Java [shudder!] at all. That would give me a bit more encouragement to get off my lazy arse and make a concerted effort to learn Go.

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