Update Hugo website from smartphone: tips and tricks?

Hi all,

I held a travel blog based on hugo and so far I just write when I’m back from my trip.

This time I’d like to implement something to create “micro-updates” in a page post as if it would be a chat page - with the possibility to upload pictures as well.

How would you implement this feature?
Thank you

How would you suggest to implement such a feature?

I’m using a GitHub repository that I can update from my iPad. On the host serving the site, a script pulls from GitHub.

Doing that with a smartphone, though … Probably a bit cumbersome, if at all possible

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I based my source code on a GitHub repository .

Which app do you use for the iPad? (I am an Android user though)

Is it enough a github explorer according to you?

Netlify will think about building once I commit however

No app, try

Or if your GitHub repo url is

Change to
GitHub.dev/xyz to see the magic happening.


Genius ! How did I never heard of this ? Thanks a lot

Amazing, I didn’t know such a feature!

Now it looks like I may realize what I’d like: a live posting!

I’ll dive into it.

Thank you!

I did not know there was an online VSCode. Or the Github stuff! So awesome. I was going to ask a similar question to @nipa but this has pretty much solved it.

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