About send new post to Hugo site on iPad

Hi, I’ve searched the forum and it seems that you still can’t deploy Hugo on iPad?

But what about send new posts to the site? I’m a beginner in web development so I’m not sure, My Hugo site is hosted in Digitalocean and I followed this tutorial to host the site and send new post to the server with Git.

I wonder if this step could be done on a iPad? Like I put the Hugo folder to the iCloud Drive, and write a new blog on iPad, save it to the Hugo’s ‘content’ folder, then I think I just need a terminal app to run git to push the new post to the server?

Could this be done right now on iPad? Thanks!

Never even considered it.
You can use an app like “prompt” to connect to a server via ssh, and run the needed commands there, or, set up a GUI like forestry that you then access on your iPad. But hugo itself won’t run on an ipad.

You might be able to install a linux distro on some tablet, then install hugo on that, but no idea really.

I am using an iPad also, I use it for writing my content. I have use iCloud Drive like you describe and then once on a computer would push the change to github.

Also, I have use. Forestry connected with Netlify, Forestry is a web interface to write your posts / pages. It saves right to Github and you can create the build trigger with Netlify.

Another option that I am very seriously considering is purchasing Working Copy for the iPad which is a GIT client. I use a text editor for my writing and can open with it from Working Copy.

Let me know how it goes.