Hugo Academic deployment issue after upgrading hugo

I am just trying to update my in “authors/admin” to add a few lines. The issue is as follows. I made some changes and they appear in localhost during “hugo server”. However, they are not deployed after committing and pushing using Github Desktop.

Any changes reflected in my local, Github Desktop, and Github Repo are not deployed (my webpage does not change at all)

I have been using and updating Hugo-Academic for several months, and this is the first time to encounter these deployment issues.

There may be two potential keys for this bug. One is that the error occured after I run “brew upgrade hugo”. Another is that my name does not appear in my top page anymore. If I edit “name” to “titles”, it appears, but “admin” is disconnected from my name then.

i would appreciate any help to resolve this issue.

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Hiya! The Academic theme was created by @neutreno. It has a dedicated issue queue and community chat.