[SOLVED] Issue with updating Hugo theme folder & git/GitHub desktop

I’ve been having some issues with git/GitHub desktop sync issues with Hugo. If anyone has had similar issues, please advise. thanks!


I work with macOS High Sierra (v10.13.4) and RStudio (v1.2.616) w/ Hugo (v0.30) blogdown (v0.6.3) and the academic theme.

updating the Hugo theme (themes/academic)

I tried to update the theme folder to make sure I have the latest version with the recent fixes+suggestions. However, I’ve been having trouble with it the past few times. It probably started with my renaming the folder name from Hugo-academic to academic (back and forth) using RStudio+terminal. Now, I am not able to add the themes folder to my online GitHub repo no matter what I do. I hadn’t raised this problem here because I presumed that it’s not an ‘academic’ issue. However, if someone has run into this issue here, I’d appreciate some troubleshooting help.

git/GitHub desktop issue?

I initially thought it was a GitHub desktop issue & hence posted it there. Please see this thread for some detailed screenshots: github.com/desktop/desktop#4784 I followed the steps for academic update here: https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/update/ and https://stackoverflow.com/a/18712756/1363815 for git submodule add
Based on my most recent update in this issue, the commit did happen. I don’t see it on GitHub, though.

bottom line: no theme folder in my GitHub repo

Clearly, I’m missing something. Please advise. Once all the missing folders get restored, I can publish the website. thank you!!

ps. Of the suggested options, I used the zip option to update the academic folder even though I may have used git clone option earlier. I am having trouble with either/all options now.
Also posted on Stack Overflow.

I’ve added ‘Solved’ in the thread title since I see on StackOverflow that you got it fixed. At least I hope it still works for you at this time. :slight_smile:

For people that run into the same problem, the solution was:

completely deleting the academic folder and running git clone https://github.com/gcushen/hugo-academic academic/ followed by add+commit steps worked this time! wonder what was wrong earlier, but the problem has been temporarily fixed. Didn’t try renaming again or updating using the .zip file.