Documenting additional installation and deploy step


I have faced many issues during setting up hugo and found through forums that many have gone through the same problem some time during their first few times as a Hugo user.
I scratched through many ways to install and deploy hugo but to save the time of fellow devs I would like to document the steps I took to successfully setup and deploy hugo in the documentation of Hugo. Here I have written steps I took to install and deploy and would like to do a PR to hugo-academic with full description of those steps.

How do I proceed and anything I should consider more here?


Hello! :wave:

These are the Hugo support forums. Academic is a theme that combines Hugo functionality with the editorial workflow derived from R tools (I think; the point is it’s more specific).

Hugo produces static output, so is rather system-agnostic for hosting. Perhaps you want to include your installation steps in the Academic docs. That seems like a better place to have theme-specific installation/deployment instructions. :slight_smile:

Academic has a dedicated issue queue and community chat.