Netlify deploy of academic theme does not match hugo -server output

Hi there!

I have a personal website made with Hugo/Academic theme and hosted on Netlify.
The github repo is here

Everything used to be great, but I tried to upgrade the theme… and while it looks great when I build locally with Hugo -server, it looks totally messed up on Netlify. Here is an example of the messed up image: broken_deploy

Nothing in the build log looks weird to me. One thing that was making me suspicious? I was getting the following error (only on Netlify):

9:55:55 PM: ERROR 2019/07/29 01:55:55 Could not find an author page at /author/admin. Please check the value of author in your About widget and create an associated author page if one does not already exist.

So in order to debug I made a copy of content/authors as content/author, which let the Netlify work correctly. However this does suggest that the Netlify env is not working as expected…

The Netlify project deploys to a custom url (I can’t post more than 2 links) but since it is messed up I using an old deploy anyway

Any help is greatly appreciated.

What version of Hugo are you using to build locally?

It looks like you’re using a version of the Academic theme from April 20. If you look at the commits since then there’s a few which comment that a few things broke in Hugo 0.54 and 0.55. I wonder if you rolled your submodule forward to a more recent commit (even the latest version) you might things work better with Hugo 0.55.6—the version you’re using on Netlify.


Are you sure you emptied your browser cache? Netlify caches files and it could be that you see the new templates with old CSS files. When in doubt use another browser that you did not use yet to visit the website.

Also from those looks: there is for sure an error in the browser console like “file not found” or “security policy did not let me load file”.

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Thanks the input, I will try and update the theme. I using Hugo 0.55.6 locally as well.