How often should the Hugo Newsletter be sent?

Hey Everyone!

As I prepare the October 2018 Issue of the Hugo Newsletter (it’s been several months, sorry), I have a question.

How often would you like to see the newsletter be sent out? Right now it’s “suppose” to be a monthly newsletter. I know most newsletters nowadays are run weekly though I worry I’d run out of content if I sent it weekly.

What do you think? Please vote on the poll and comment below with any additional feedback you’d like to leave.

  • weekly
  • every two weeks
  • twice a month (similar to every two weeks but not the same)
  • monthly (what it is now)

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Just pick a schedule that’s most convenient and sustainable for you, I’d say. :slight_smile: (I voted monthly primarily since it would be more sustainable I figure.)


I’d recommend having it line up with the release schedule. Regular intervals tend to get lost unless readership sees immediate value in opening and reading, which may not always be possible to do with an OS project like Hugo. Announcements pack more punch. And thank you for putting this together, @FelicianoTech. And for putting this on the forums: I like when I can contribute to the Hugo community using my actual profession :blush:

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So instead of a time interval, you suggest I only post when there’s a Hugo release? Interesting. I’m not sure if that works for me since a set schedule allows me to prepare better but that’s definitely something to consider. Hugo can have 4 releases in a month or 0 sometimes so it might be tough.

Just thinking of editorial (especially with a staff of one) and general ideas around solid email campaigning, yes, I think it’s a decent baseline…with the idea that you can create additional newsletters as needed.

I think the crux of the recommendation is “publish a newsletter whenever you’re convinced the content therein is substantive enough and valuable enough to engage your readership (i.e., target audience).” That said, like you, I’m a creature of habit and thrive on scheduling and consistency. Most importantly, I just think it’s awesome you’re willing to do it :smile: If you ever need some editorial oversight, please ping me at any time, brother!

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If it wasn’t clear, the Hugo Newsletter will remain monthly.

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