Hugo Newsletter Looking for New Owner

Hey Everyone,

I started the Hugo Newsletter around a year and a half ago. I was learning a lot about Hugo and hoped the process of curating Hugo content would allow me to learn even more. I’ve only been able to send out 9 issues out of a possible 18ish. The last one being in March. I haven’t had the time (or maybe it’s energy) to give this project the attention it needs so I’m looking to pass it on.

If someone here is interested in taking over the Hugo Newsletter, please let me know. The project includes the site source code, the domain name, the @HugoNewsletter Twitter handle, the logo, and the MailChimp email list. The email list is why I do have a requirement. To take over this project, I do want to know why, what your plan will be, and some sort of evidence of other contributions to Hugo. I don’t take lightly the fact that many people have given their email address up for the newsletter so I don’t want to give the project to anyone who just wants emails to spam.

If there’s no takers, the website will be shutdown on August 31st and the other assets archived/frozen.

Ricardo (FelicianoTech)


I’m coming from a perspective of migrating ownership of mailing lists: consider handing over everything except the mailing list, and make the last mailing about the new owner, and point to a new opt-in form wherever they are doing their thing.

That way you totally respect your mailing list users, and give the new owner full accountability moving forward. :slight_smile:


A single new owner would be the best solution, of course.

But this community is very active. There could be a Hugo newsletter repository. By opening an issue, everybody could suggest a topic or even write an article. An editor-in-chief could use tags and/or milestones to put a newsletter together.

Would this be a way to go?

I like that, that’s what I’ll do. Hey @davidsneighbour, are you still interested in taking over without the actual list?

This sounds good but the lack of any interest shown in this thread shows that this won’t work. This is part of the reason I want to close it/pass it on in the first place. No interaction/participation from anyone.

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Hi @FelicianoTech, yes, I am still available and very open to all suggestions in this post.

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Just remember we have a pretty nice “Awesome Hugo” list:


We won’t forget :slight_smile:


need any help with design?

We will be using MJML, so the “design” itself is as flexible as the editor they provide. This will give us safety in sense of features and email clients - we can blame them if something doesn’t work, hehe.

So the design itself will probably boil down to color choices. Feel free to add anything to the issues section of the repository. I am open to everything. I still swing between colors like the Hugo website itself or a simple white design.

We have a great logo in

The old newsletters used a simple blue link/black text on white design:

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The transition (on my end) is complete and @davidsneighbour has taken over the newsletter. Thanks everyone! :wave:


nice logo :clap:

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