I've Created a Hugo Newsletter

Hey everyone!

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now but I’m finally getting around to it. Many of us frequently visit this forum and absorb so much Hugo news and happenings. Even more so if you also follow on Twitter. But not everyone does or can keep up.

I’m starting a blog series on my personal blog (Feliciano.Tech/blog) that will be a monthly recap of everything Hugo. Hugo releases, important Docs updates, new Hugo themes, interesting discussions here from the forum, and blog posts from around the Internet that discuss Hugo.

I have a newsletter for my blog for people who want my posts emailed and if there’s interest, I can create a separate one specifically for the Hugo posts.

That being said, the first post will go up at the beginning of February to cover January. If you ever come across anything that you’d think would be great to share in the blog series/newsletter, please DM me here, ping me in a forum thread, contact me on Twitter, or contact me via my website.

And yes my website is built with Hugo. :wink:


Where is the newsletter signup? I’d like the Hugo version. Let me know when you start, and I’ll list you as a resource on my Hugo page at The New Dynamic.

p.s. Glad to see another New Yorker Hugo fan! Do you know about our Meetup?

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I don’t have a Hugo specific signup yet, just the one for my whole blog. If there’s more interest, I’ll create it sooner rather than later then.

New York in the house! :wink: I’ve heard of the meetup from a friend who’s in the Write the Docs NYC meetup who attended yours. He said good things. I’ll sign up now.

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That must be Mike. I signed up for your newsletter.

Yup, Mike.

I’ll announce the specific newsletter sign up soon.

For everyone, I’m planning on this being a monthly blog post/email. If I start to notice a lot of content, I’ll consider making it a weekly one instead.

I decided to make this a full blown thing. Which logo is better? The left of the right?

Sign up page for the newsletter is coming later today.


Left one :upside_down_face:

Launched it: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/hugo-newsletter (direct url)

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left one :slight_smile:

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Left one

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Cool, look forward to receiving the first edition (I just subscribed). :slight_smile:

Do you also plan to host the previous editions on the website? That would be a nice way to read up on content, or share an email newsletter edition with others.

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Great! Do you plan to have an RSS feed for the newsletters?

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To answer both questions, the site will be a full blown website at some point before this month (February) is over. So yes, the website will have previous issues in case you missed an email, RSS feeds, and the works.

I was running late getting this up so I only have the signup page on their now but I will give this website the full love it deserves. :slight_smile: There’s also the Twitter account: https://twitter.com/HugoNewsletter.

Oh and of course the site is built with Hugo. :wink:

Sorry to ask, but is this project still alive?

I’m asking because the May newsletter didn’t get out yet (or something with wrong with me receiving it). I also cannot access the website. But that might be Firefox; it says that the SSL certificate expired 2 weeks ago. Just hope that everything is going fine with you & the project. :slight_smile:

Hey Jura,

I fell behind unfortunately but the newsletter sprung back to life October 1st. There’s been an October issue, the November issue, and will continue monthly from now on.

A full blown website with newsletter archives will be available in the near future as well.