Commenting System

Hello, I’m a new Hugo learner, I just want to know what comment system is this hugo website using?

It is using discourse

Thanks, how can I use it?
I see only a forum in their site as an example.

You need to install it in a linux machine, may be a virtual box.
They provide a service for discourse forums plug and play, with easy manegement, but it is a paid system and not cheap.
You xan do stand alone which is free.

But you cannot use it for comments in a hugo site, that is static.

For comments in articles in a hugo site you can use disqus which has a somehow similar interface to discourse or commento.

Thanks, but what exactly the website I sent is using? it’s a commenting service, but not sure if is discourse, because discourse looks to be a forum. it’s a bit similar to Talkyard, but still not sure.

Sorry, i had misunderstood your question…i had inderstood you were askin for the system here in

No, discourse is an independent forum system not for comments to blog. You can use it with some blogs like ghost, but it is not designed for that.

oh no, i’m sorry. I meant this website

It looks like a hand made solution. The form posts to the same domain with a path of /api/comments.
What you can do is asking THERE via comment :wink:

If you are looking for a commenting system shel hosted, commento may be an option.
But you would need a server with postreSQL or use their paid service.

If you wan a complete forum, discourse is great as comments in the site mey be integrated with discourse.

The comments I see there are more similar to justcomment, which admits commenting using your email, but is a paid service:
Demo | JustComments (

If you want comments without paying for them and with no server backend an option is tu use github, creating issues in your igthub repository (one for each thread with comments) ande integrating the coments to the issues in your post.
There are ways to do it authomatically, like gitment (I have not tried it yet). The drawback is that user cannot see his comment until the site is rebuilt.

Here you can find several ways to do that and several systems to investigate:
Various ways to include comments on your static site (

Isso ( would also be another alternative for self hosting. I use the comment system myself on my websites.

May I throw into the ring “”. This saves comments into github pull requests. The only issue I am having with it is, that people who want to comment have to have a github account, but maybe for “real techies” it’s useful:

Yes that is the problem I see too, that to be able to comment in gitment and utterances you need a github account (and giving the app authoritation to post in your name).

For programmers world it may be appropiate, but not too many people outside that have a github account.

It would be great if they use change that and use something like netifly identity service that let authors of your blog publish in a site without having a github account.

thank you guys,
I checked all of them, it seems that the website i mentioned is using the best system, i don’t know if it’s handmade or not, but is it difficult to build?
btw is it easy to install discourse on hugo?