A comment system for Hugo

I need a comment system, and in doing research it was looking like or Kaiju, but then I came across this comment which linked to a solution:

Here he explains the system:

It seems such a simple and elegant solution that I’m surprised it hasn’t been integrated into Hugo. It may not be polished but the concept itself is something that I like. Im not very knowledgeable on the technical side so is there a reason why it hasn’t been more widely adopted or contributed to?

Hugo is a STATIC site generator, it builds static HTML files and writes them to disc. It has a built-in development server that you could imagine doing dynamic stuff, but that would no be possible to build as part of the end product – which is static.

This solution is not static?

Then make it a solution that is separate to the end product.

People want comments on their blogs, and they don’t want to mess about with databases, and different languages if they can help it. Yet Hugo’s suggestion is to use this sub-standard abandonware Kaiju.

You have to collect the comments in a DYNAMIC way.

And please remember that Hugo is an open source project, so when you say “make it a solution that is separate to the end product”, that is fine and dandy, but don’t expect me to put this on full priority on the list of what I would like to implement. If you really want something like this, then implementing it yourself may be the fastest path.


Sure, I was just asking why others haven’t implemented this solution as I thought there was maybe a technical issue that made it unfeasible or undesirable.

Furthermore, whilst this is a dynamic solution, I guess I am puzzled why Hugo is promoting Kaiju and not this solution. It seems a lot more complimentary to Hugo.

Not sure what solution you want us to promote instead of Kaiju and others?

The solution that I have linked to in my original post. It specifically uses Hugo’s infrastructure.

Ah, OK – that solution doesn’t look like a solution that we would promote. As I said, Hugo is a static site generator, and any comment system must live outside of Hugo.