How to create a newsletter for Hugo

It’s hard with static site to keep a list of subscribers and send them a newsletter. But it’s not impossible :slight_smile:

Here is a way to have a newsletter, using the RSS feed of Hugo and RssFeedPulse

Enable your RSS feed

The RSS feed should be already there with Hugo

It’s defined in your configuration

  - html
  - rss

Create a campaign on RssFeedPulse

From here, you can leverage your RSS feed to create a campaign

You have to give the rss url (usually in the Feed Url setting

Add a form to collect subscribers

Then you can add a form for users to subscribe.

You can create a new layout, for example in layouts/partials/newsletter.html and create your form from the markup given by rssfeedpulse

From here you can add this form anywhere on your website :

{{- partial "newsletter.html" . -}}

And, that’s all :slight_smile: