Cloud Docs

Not technical. My company has a SaaS reporting application analogous to Google Docs or Office Online. When someone gets a link to a document (for example) it pulls up the ‘edit’ page that contains the document and all the editing functions, history, data lineage, link graph, audit trail, etc… Its super heavy. Although business users cant make changes unless they have permissions, they get bogged down because its super heavy. We need a lightweight view of that content… Idea is that when the user accesses the link, based on permissions, they are either directed to the heavy doc if they are an ‘editor’ or a static ‘print preview’ that strips away all the functions and provides a rendering that is fast and accurate. Its accurate because that static page (doucment representation) was automatically generated upon last change to the source doc. Text, charts, graphs. Again, think google docs. Is this hugo or something else? And is there something packaged up that would do this (dev backlog). Thanks.