Workflow for user provided content - how do you do it?

I’m new to Hugo, only discovered the other day, having been specialising in WordPress for the last 6 years, but recently ‘discovered’ GoLang and that coincidentally led me to Hugo. Enough about me.

My question is, if you are a business building sites for clients, where the client will provide updates occasionally to content - what workflows do you adopt?

I can see there has bee a long discussion on ‘web editors’, but that isn’t really where I’m going, as I feel that thats is back to ‘WordPress’, but looking for a simpler way for clients to deploy edits (as I wouldn’t expect my clients to be anywhere near a bash shell or a command line).

By the way - my first test I decided to deploy to Google Cloud Storage which I found very easy, in fact It hen looked at S3 and found S3 deployment would be much more hassle. Iwrote it up briefly on my personal techy notes blog - I won’t post a link as that would be rude on a first post - but if any one wants me to elaborate please ask.

@Alan_F I’d recommend keeping the content in a private github repo. Then have your clients make content to a “dev” or “content” branch, then have continuous deployment to using Netflify. If they’re okay with the dev site, you can set it up so that they only need to push a button to push it live.

I just barely discovered Netflify last week (when they announced that the pro tier is now free for open source projects). Seriously, it’s the best hosting/backup/deployment solution for static sites I’ve ever seen, especially w/r/t git integration. Your editors/writers can even hooked into free web-based markdown editors like stackedit, etc if they’re afraid of using a text editor.

Yes I was starting to think along those lines. Started experimenting with bitbucket -> deployhq last night.

Was thinking that client editing could be possible that way. One issue was I was hoping to deploy to Google Cloud Storage - which I can do simply enough from my machine using gcloud commands in a script.

Maybe I need to create a deployment ‘server’ that accepts teh deploy and then runs my deploy script

I’ll take a look at Netflify see what - thanks for the pointer