Anyone interested in beta testing Google Docs integration?

Hi all,

I’m on a team that’s been building out a Google Docs integration for static sites. We’re nearing launch and looking for beta testers.

Basically we let you wire up a Google Drive folder so that your Docs become Markdown files and your Sheets become JSON files. It’s great for passing off control to non-technical users or driving structured content-based sites without the hassle of editing JSON by hand.

Let me know if you’re interested! We’d love to get some early feedback.



I think it’s a great idea, an while I cannot promise much “beta testing”, I would love to take it for a spin – if you have some kind of invite system my mail address is

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@Ted_Benson Yes please!

I’ll DM you with my gmail account. How can I help?

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@rdwaters & @bep – awesome! And taking it for a spin & providing any thoughts / feature requests is all we’re looking for. I’ll email you privately with the details to start the engines

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I’d be glad to give it a Go. We use Google Drive for a lot of content sharing, it would be interesting to see it taken in a new direction.

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So in essence Drive becomes a CMS?

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@rdwatters - If you email I can set you up! Couldn’t figure out how to DM here :slightly_smiling:

@zivbk1 and @Rick - Yep! Drive becomes your CMS – in collaboration with Hugo. We let you set sync rules that convert the files and commit them to Github… so you can manage the parts that fit Hugo better in Github, but manage the parts that fit Drive better in Drive.

Email for a beta invite. Apologies that we don’t have a more streamlined beta onboarding – we figured we’d save ourselves the development time & just do it manually :slightly_smiling:

@Ted_Benson what’s the status of Google Docs integration in this announcement? Any information to share?

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Check out the site. Seems pretty awesome: