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Fairly new to Hugo I have had a request to have somewhere that can host Documents that if you visit the page as anyone you can then see the documents (By see I just mean list them) and download them. What approach is best with a static site.

Using Hugo + Forestry + Gitlab + Netlify

You might start by gathering a few requirements. :slightly_smiling_face:

  • How many documents in total? 10, 100, 1000, 10000?
  • Should they be displayed in a single page, on multiple pages, in multiple sections?
  • Do they have to be categorized, tagged, etc.?
  • Do they have metadata such as document name, author name, author date, synopsis, thumbnail, etc.?
  • Is there an existing data source with the metadata?
  • Which file types? PDF? Native files such as .docx? Images? Video? Audio?
  • Do you need to display an icon representing the file type?
  • Do users need search capabilities to find the documents, either by file name or metadata?
  • Do users need to be able to dynamically filter the list of documents based on criteria?
  • Who will add new documents to the site? How will they do it? How often?
  • Who will update or delete documents on the site? How will they do it? How often?
  • Do the documents require version control?

Depending on the answers to these and other questions, you might find that your premise of using a static site is flawed.