Google Docs to Hugo Site in a single Click


I have developed a Google Docs Editor Add-on that facilitates pushing Docs content into a Hugo Site with a single click.


  1. Automatically converts PNG images to JPG (a web-friendly format for faster loading).
  2. Optimizes image size for faster loading.
  3. Automatically generates image captions using Google AI, serving as Alt Text and Image caption for images.
  4. Uploads images to AWS S3 instead of the GitHub Repo to reduce loads on the GitHub server and offset GitHub Pages’ free limits.
  5. Images are delivered to users from around 400 edge locations of AWS, improving site speed for image-heavy posts.


  1. Write collaboratively using Google Docs.
  2. Write in rich text format instead of Markdown format.
  3. Saves your time.
  4. Saves network egress costs for you.
  5. Can run sites within GitHub Pages’ free limit (1 GB for files) and network egress of (100 GB per month) because images are offloaded to AWS S3.

Demonstration Video:

Watch the YouTube video(3 Minutes, 47 seconds) for the demo:


Please let me know if you would like to have any features, such as support for GitLab, BitBucket, and so on. Other ideas are welcome too.

If you’re interested in knowing when the add-on goes live, please subscribe to the form available at the bottom of the page:


thanks for the contribution, I was also thinking about this idea and now build my own google docs to gitlab hugo integration because i want to have customizations on it which are not part probably in your standard solution.

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