Changes in V117 vs 120? (hugo extended in both cases)

Hi Just realized that the generated blog is having differences in the generation, specially (when using Hugo Papermod) for each article after the title you had the author, etc and now you get HTML code with a (but having that text rendered):

November 5, 2023 · 2 min · 

Is this a Hugo issue? Running generation with v117 was working fine, I realized just because the generated website uses the latest stable and was looking ugly.

Thanks in advance

Update the PaperMod theme to the latest version and test again. Version 0.120.0 had some breaking changes that were also fixed in PaperMod.

Thanks, but I’m using the version tagged as 7.0 of Hugo Papermod and I do see it too. Should this be raised as an issue with PaperMod then?

At least, using latest master branch renders it correctly, thanks!

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