Post-meta issue

Hi all,

I discovered that on my Nicfab Digital Notepad At the beginning of each post, I see some wrong meta as the following image.

I refer to “span title” etc.
I am using the PaperMod theme.

I checked everything but I’m missing something.
Is there anyone who can help me?

Update your theme and Hugo to the latest versions. There were some breaking changes in Hugo 0.120.0 that affected the PaperMod theme which the theme author fixed. Current Hugo version is 0.120.3.

I have already done both upgrades Hoìugo and PaperMode, but nothing.
The strange thing is that I have another website with the same theme and there I have no issues.

Running hugo env I see:

hugo v0.120.3-a4892a07b41b7b3f1f143140ee4ec0a9a5cf3970+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=2023-11-01T17:57:00Z VendorInfo=brew

I solved it by updating the PaperMod theme.
I appreciate your support.

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