Problem after upgrade

I had this on my theme and it perfectly worked before 1.120

<div id="site-footer-copyright">
    <a href="{{ }}" target="_blank">
      <i class="icon icon-copyright"></i> {{ if .Site.Params.projectStartYear }}{{ .Site.Params.projectStartYear }}-{{ end }}{{ .Site.Params.currentYear }} {{ }}

But now {{ if .Site.Params.projectStartYear }}{{ .Site.Params.projectStartYear }}-{{ end }}{{ .Site.Params.currentYear }} part is not working but {{ }} works.

Any help?



You have commented out the parameter in your site configuration. Is that intentional?

# projectStartYear = 2020

It’s also under the author key:

Yes. On theme, as it is optional if the project start year as this year.

I am using this theme on though and it has this on params.toml but Why Rust? · Learning Rust no years get echoed.

That won’t work. It’s under the author key in your site configuration. This has nothing to do with the upgrade.

Oh! Got it! I think I had some misunderstanding about toml and recent update of [author] made by me has triggered this. Thanks for the help.

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