Aliasing from one list page to another list page

I have a “tagcloud” Section and a tagcloud list-page (with a paginator) which works fine:

location @ URL  
layout/tagcloud/list.html @

When a tagcloud item is clicked on, it goes to

layout/tags/list.html @ 
layout/tags/list.html @ 
layout/tags/list.html @ 

Everything works as intended.

However, if you manually enter these URLs: or 

You get the list template at:


…which of course is an individual tag detail template instead of the aggregated tagcloud list, which is a different list.html.

So is there an alias/permalink/redirect/etc scheme I can place in the config.toml or any front-matter so that /tags => /tagcloud? =>

Since they’re both list-pages, what’s the most efficient way to achieve this URL redirection?