Redirect/aliases with taxonomy terms


I have a taxonomy term that I would like to redirect to a new taxonomy term. This question has two parts:

  1. I have term-one and term-two I want to discontinue use of term-one. After reading the documentation for redirects. My understanding is that I need to create a directory+file content/tag/term-two/ in the header of this file I use YAML with the URL of term-one. Is this correct? I’m not seeing results locally.
  -  /tag/term-one

Am I doing this right?

  1. If I have content tagged with term-one and those items list on the term-one page, after the aliases should they now list on the term list page for term-two?

Please post your config.toml file.

Sure, here it is in the gist:

Under [taxonomies] you have tag = "tags". So the subdirectory created in your public directory will be tags not tag.

It is also necessary to remove the “old tag” from content pages. If you do not, the HTML file created due to the aliases directive will be overwritten by the tag page.

Run hugo --path-warnings if you are not seeing the expected results.