Layout for tags

In what layout can I style my tags page in? I assumed with /tags/ I should create a layout/tags/list.html but it still uses the list.html from layout/_default.

You could make a new /tags/ section with an To override _default the template should be under /layouts/section/tags.html

But there are other ways also. Search for ‘tag cloud’ in the forum.

Oh yeah I saw that tag cloud by @bep and I’m using that. Just need a page too. I’ll add a . I think that should do it

Added to content/tags but that didn’t make it pick up on my tag template still. I have it in layouts/tags/list.html of a theme. It’s still using layouts/_default/list.html. And layouts/section/tags.html does nothing

No. When you have /content/tags/ the corresponding template should be under layouts/section/tags.html

And no other reference is needed. Remove or rename layouts/tags/list.html
This is what I use.