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Hi all!
I’m trying to create an aliases. Here is my content structure:


I can open such urls as

localhost:1313/about, localhost:1313/about/test1, localhost:1313/about/test2.

I’m trying to use aliases to make localhost:1313/about to redicrect to localhost:1313/about/test1. I made such a change in fronmatter of localhost:1313/about/test1, but it didn’t help

title: About page
  - /about/
  - /test/

localhost:1313/test redicrects correctly to localhost:1313/about/test1, but localhost:1313/about still shows it’s inital page, but not localhost:1313/about/test1. Can somebody, please help me with the issue?

What you are trying to achieve is not possible.

Aliases are rendered before any content are rendered and therefore will be overwritten by any content with the same location.

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Just use server redirects or the _redirects file if you use Netlify or Cloudflare Pages.