Convert html template to hugo

So I’m struggling to find a theme for my site that I’d like to use. They are either too complicated, or too basic lol. That in mind, is there a detailed guide for those of us that are not web inclined on converting an html template to hugo?

Also, is there a list of like modules, I think they are called that, that you can use easily? Like the ability to have comments on your site, or pagination, or anything like that? I see many temples give credit to various libraries, I think it would be cool to have them all in one page so we know what’s out there easier lol.

Thank you

You can take a look at the Templates section.

I would start with Introduction to Hugo Templating and Base Template Lookup Order

Thank you! I was going through those before posting though. Maybe I misunderstood, or wasn’t clear enough either way, it’s my fault and I’m sorry but thank you!

I was really kind of hopeful that there was a actual tutorial from going from an existing html template to migration into a Hugo template. I do better learning by example instead of snippets.

Myself, im very literal and linear so I experiment along the road.

I suggest taking one of the plain themes and use that as a starting point.

My own Zen theme is one of many options. I use it as a base for whatever the designers come up with for each project I use Hugo for.

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