Kudos on the new skeletons

I didn’t want to post on pinned post, but kudos for the great skeleton. I did notice one minor typo in a comment (sorry, was busy and will have to find it again to report it, although it is a very minor nit), but I think that the site and theme skeletons are a very well done.

The only concern I might have, would be with validator (w3c’s validator) complaining about minimum-scale=1.0 in the viewport meta element. I don’t know if w3c is just differing in opinion on this one, or if it a no longer best practice, or what. I just thought I’d mention it, since I ran into it.

All in all, great work. Thank you to all involved.

Thanks for the pat on the back. Regarding validation… with https://validator.w3.org/nu/

Sorry about the false alarm on the validation. Not sure what I did wrong, but validator is happy now. Maybe I was using an old release of the GitHub project for validator?

Anyway, thanks for checking it, and apologies again for the noise on that.

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The only minor issue I have with them is that the menu and taxonomy partials are a bit difficult to understand, especially for a beginner. But I guess the output is all that matters.

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