Using Hugo and deploying on a ubuntu server

Hello, I’m a university student in IT. We got a task to deploy a server on our own Ubuntu 18.04 server (DigitalOcean), and then implement a tic-tac-toe game (made in Golang) on the website. The finished product should be a website you can connect to and play tic-tac-toe with others. The only problem is that I can’t seem to find if this is the right solution to the problem. If this isn’t the solution, could you help me out what other solutions might be viable?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Notes - I got ‘basic’ HTML/CSS knowledge.

Mmmm … what is the question ?

This forum is for questions about usage and help.

  1. Can I deploy this on a ubuntu server?
  2. Can I implement tic-tac-toe game on the website? (made in Golang)
  3. Is there other solutions if 1 and 2 is a no.

Hugo is a static site generator. It produces websites from content files and data, so what you want is possible. However, it has a steep learning curve for your purpose. You should search elsewhere, this is not the support forum you need; we do not field general web dev questions here. :slight_smile:

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