Can I use Hugo on Kubuntu?

I’ve had a brief look through the Hugo documentation. I’m looking for a databaseless and PHP-less tool to build a static website, so Hugo can do that, is that correct ?

I did read about an EXE, and know my web host won’t allow that, but I’m assuming that is only local, not on a website ? Local for building, is that correct ?

Can I do the building part on Kubuntu 20.04 ? I don’t have a test web server, only a live one, shared hosting site. Do I have all the tools to build and then deploy ??

Hugo is available via apt-get or whichever package manager front-end you use.

You can build and test. If you run hugo server it’ll run a testing server with live reloading (it’s like magic). And then, depending on how you are deploying, you can run hugo and you’ve got all the files necessary to deploy.

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@funkydan2 Thank you :smiley:

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