Hugo and Openshift?

Hi everyone. Im interested in getting my hugo site running on Openshift. I tried the Github tutorial and I cannot get my site to show. Its not as if Github will really tell me whats going on, and that frustration made me give up with that route (for the time being) because the more I keep running into walls like this the less time I will have to work on it. I really want to get my site up and running because I’ve worked on this for about 5 months or so, so now I’m looking towards similar options, like Openshift.

Question: Has anyone here deployed their Hugo site to Openshift?

I know that there isnt a Hugo support in Openshift (at least not directly) but I know that I can use Go apps with Openshift. Given that Hugo basically generates HTML based sites, I figured that there may be a chance, but I am really unsure as to how I can use Openshift to display my site.

I don’t have much experience with Openshift, but is your goal to:

  1. have hugo run and generate the site on Openshift, or
  2. have hugo run locally and have Openshift host your site?

Both should be possible but if your goal is 2, then it should be even easier.

I do not know Openshift, but it may be overkill for what you really need: A static fileserver like Amazon S2, GitHub Pages, Google Whatever …

Openshift appears to make it easier to deploy apps that require app infra, and as such would likely be relevant if you want to do your dev on their servers, as well as the hosting. Since Hugo is static, it’s about copying the resulting /public folder to wherever you need, to publicly host it.

By github tutorial, I take it you mean the “hosting your hugo site on github pages” page in the docs, right? Frankly, that seems a bunch easier than having to learn how openshift does things.