Trouble with customizing font style in the Academic theme

Oops, I suddenly found it can work in Google Chrome! But it doesn’t work in firefox.

Hi, I confirmed that I have carefully read the instruction provided by

I have copied a font.toml from themes/academic/data/fonts to data/fonts and set font = "my_font_set" in config/_default/params.toml

Hereby is the syntax I used in my my_font_set.toml:

# Font style metadata
name = "my_font_set"

# Optional Google font URL
google_fonts = "Titillium+Web:400,400i,700 Ubuntu:400,500,700"

# Font families
heading_font = "Ubuntu"
body_font = "Titillium Web"
nav_font = "Titillium Web"
mono_font = "Titillium Web"

Who can tell me why it doesn’t work? I know sometimes a few featured functions do not work in the local server, but I use Netlify and the customized font family doesn’t work in my Netlify website as well.

Hi there,

You might have a better chance at getting help by asking the theme maintainer directly.


The author of the Academic Theme points its users to this forum for help

We had a discussion about it over here but we didn’t exactly get far.

The only way to deal with an infinite loop is to “pull the plug”:

Topic Actions —> Set Topic Timer —> Auto-close

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