Change font of theme

Currently I´m using the academic theme which comes with academicicons, font awesome-webfont and glyphicons inside themes/academic/static/fonts. While these fonts are quite good, I want to try some others.

Am I right that the first step to change the font would be to place it in static/fonts so it overrides the theme fonts?
And then (I guess) some modification needs to be done in the css file?

I could not find a guide for this - so help is highly appreciated :slightly_smiling:

I have the same question. :slight_smile: I have tried putting *ttf (truetype) font file in fonts folder and tried to create a link to it in main.css, but had no luck.

Any help?!

Perhaps this thread helps: Font selection in theme

Thanks Leo,

I have found a solution and want to share it here, so that might help others like me :slight_smile:

Since I wanted to change the font of the header (logo), I put the code which i got from the google fonts page after choosing the font I want into header.html file that is located under …\layouts\partials

<link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Then, opened main.css file and found the relevant css id (in my case it is names as “header”) and added the attribute below into it.

font-family: ‘Pacifico’, sans-serif;

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