Problems with locally hosted fonts

I am pretty new here, and I keep having issues with self-hosted fonts. I have followed the advice(s) in this forum (e g., from here: Where do self-hosted fonts in themes go? - #7 by danniel3) but when I run the check on ‘sicher3’ I keep being told that the fonts are loaded from google.

Not sure at this point what to do, I am using GitLab and the wowchemy academic theme. In case you find time to help, the public repository is located here: Dr. Matthias Baumann / website · GitLab

Thanks already in advance!

Looking at the live site it seems to me that the fonts are coming from the local hosting, except for Roboto and Academicons. Academicicons is defined in the wowchemy theme. Your custom.css refers to local Roboto files, but they don’t seem to be there (unless I’m mistaken)

Great, thanks for the quick reply. I added the Roboto fonts to the folder (I indeed forgot them). Yet, the test results in the same results, so I am assuming that I am not editing the correct .scss-files (?).

The test reveals a total of three calls to google (I can only post 2 as a new user):;700&family=Roboto+Mono&family=Roboto:wght@400;700&display=swap

The site renders perfectly otherwise.

This bit here is where google is still loading the remote fonts. Start the debugging there to see what needs to be removed/disabled.

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The name of your data file is mixed case: HU_fonts.toml

Make it all lower case.

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Renaming the .toml files in into all lower case did it - thank you very much for the help!

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