Hugo Academic Theme, how to change the font size?

Hi, I am using the Hugo Academic Theme.

I am trying to change the font size.

Following the instruction, I made data/fonts/ folder and place default.toml with a new font size as follows.

But, nothing changed on my website.

Does anyone know why?

You are using a theme correct? In my own site I just added a css file or you could use style tag to change the font size in your single.html. I was just looking at the academic git page man that thing is complicated! Following the suggestion It seems like they are suggesting you change the font size in the toml file? What have you done so far? There is apparently a font size and a font size small feature in each possible toml file. I’m guessing you could even create your own if you knew how. From what I can guess you can change the font style and size in the toml file your using under data/fonts/style your using(there are 3 different ones there. ) change that and see what happens.

I use this theme and you can see my files here (via the blogdown package using R):

In my config.toml file (, I have:


  # Color theme.
  #   Choose from `default`, `ocean`, `forest`, `dark`, `apogee`, `1950s`, `coffee`, `cupcake`.
  color_theme = "alison"

  # Font style.
  #   Choose from `default`, `classic`, or `playfair`.
  font = "alison"

Then my data/fonts/alison.toml file is here:

Do you have the default font selected in your config.toml file?

Hi Alyson,
Thank you for your reply.
I changed the font style to the customized one in my config folder as below, but nothing changed.
Netlify shows it fails to deploy. This is my github. Do you have any suggestion?



Hi Prophoss,

Thank you for your reply.

Could you share your github link?

That would be super helpful.

I tried to serve your site locally and got a bunch of errors, so can’t really help troubleshoot. But I did notice that themes/academic/ is an empty folder (edited: looks like a git submodule). Also you have a bunch of config.toml files organized in many folders, and the empty file in your data folder threw an error. Sorry I can’t be of more help. I would first try to use the exampleSite as a model.

Hi Alyson, I deleted empty file. Now, it works well. Thank you very much!

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