Themes not rendering main page

With Hugo 0.55.5, it seems as if many themes fail to render the main page. I’m using this for a simple blog, so I have a bunch of posts in content/posts. The following themes do what I expect (display recent articles on the main page):

  • Ananke
  • Paper
  • Hyde-Hyde

While the following give me a title and an otherwise mostly empty page:

  • Whisper
  • Ghostwriter
  • Zen
  • …and many others

Are these just incompatible with 0.55.5, or is something else going on?

A quick way to test if a theme works is to look at whether a demo site exists for it in the Hugo Themes site:

Note that some themes may require further customisation. Others might not display recent posts, by design.

To take the themes you cite for example:

  • The “Home” page is not documentation, it can be used to introduce your project etc.

Looking at its layouts/index.html it grabs post type contents, are your content files under post/ as well?

{{ $pag := .Paginate (where .Data.Pages "Type" "post") }}

Again, looking at its layouts/index.html, it seems to only grab the .Content for the homepage, and not list the content pages.

It looks like in many of these cases it was an issue of post/ vs posts/, where some themes seem to expect one and others seem to expect the other.

Yay symlinks, I guess.