Almost no output rendered

Ok, so I am trying to make sense of it all and creating an own theme did help there. All went well up to the point, where suddenly no posts showed up on my homepage, no content and /posts gives a 404. I am totally lost here. It must be something very basic I am missing. Unfortunately I am getting no error messages or anything that would help me to get to the bottom of this. So I ask for help :slight_smile:

See for yourself:

Both of your posts under /content/posts/ have draft = true

If you created these by using the hugo new command, know that by default it sets the draft parameter.

@onedrawingperday, I run the site with hugo server -D, so from my understanding in development mode it should show these pages - and in the past it did.
However, I set draft to false, and they still won’t show up. About, ideas - all 404.

rename content/ to content/

Page Bundles documentation


Ah right, I must have forgotten about this!

So, basically if I want to use the list layout, I use and if I want to use single layout, right?

Can I access any content in list.html? {{.Content}} does not seem to work…

On list pages the .Content variable is available from within the context of a given section’s .Pages

Have a look at:

Ah, damnit, I was running server without -D and all this draft settings kicked in. I think, I got it running now again, thanks!

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