Hugo not rendering title / date anymore

So I recently switched distros, and moved my content over to the new box. Sadly I don’t remember the version of Hugo I was running, but now I’m running 0.42. Before the move my main page would render my posts in the following format:

Title1 / publish date
Title2 / publish date

Now it renders as

Title1 / description
Title2 / description

I can see the source on the main page is using post-stub-description. I would think it would be post-date but obviously I don’t want to edit this by hand every single time. I’m just not sure where its generated from as I’m very new to Hugo:

         <li class="post-stub">
 <a href="">
     <h4 class="post-stub-title">Foo &#43; Bar</h4>
         <p class="post-stub-description">Crappy description</p>

If someone could tell me how to change it back I would be much obliged.


I also recently downgraded to 0.42 It didn’t change my list display. What theme are you using?

Please read Requesting Help and include more information, particularly the theme and your site’s project. :slight_smile:

I’m using the Ghostwriter theme. The project is no longer available via the web, its offline atm.

So I spun up a Debian box which uses 0.18.1 and that fixed the issue. Which I don’t really understand.

So lots has changed in Hugo between version 0.18 and 0.49, there’s probably something in the theme which no longer works.


  1. Link to your project’s code (github?) so the community can have a look and see where things are going wrong.
  2. Use a theme which is being actively developed. There is a theme named Ghostwriter available that’s been updated recently.