Post vs posts

In the two days that I have been using Hugo again, I have become aware of a difference in the way posts are stored. I have an old site from 6 years ago and have resurrected it, to some extent, by switching the theme that I was using.

This old site has the .md files stored in ~/hugosite/content/post, but I’ve noticed that some mentions of .md files has them stored in ~/hugosite/content/posts.

On searching the forum for “post vs posts”, I found this message Themes not rendering main page - #3 by larsks which suggests that the issue has been officially escalated to a thing!

Can someone shed any light on this apparent schism?

No “schism.”

Some themes require you to define your top level section/sections, some default to “post”, some default to “posts”, some rely on .Params.mainSections, etc.