Page rendering incorrectly

I’m working with Hugo after a long time.

After installing my theme (Ghostwriter), I added a new page but it wasn’t displaying. I decided to add a post folder and it then worked, although my title wasn’t displaying:

I also notice that when I open the file, it doesn’t render properly as well showing me the front mater as it is.

N.B: Tittle and description isn’t showing as well

I know it’s a mistake from my path but it’s been a while I worked with hugo:
Here is my repo

Check that your YAML frontmatter is surrounded by three dashes — not underscores ___

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Oh my, how on earth did I miss that lol. Thanks.

Any idea why my content didn’t didn’t display when I had in the root of the content folder @funkydan2

I haven’t looked closely at the way the ghostwriter theme is built, but my guess is it doesn’t look for pages/posts in the content directory. Markdown files you put in that directory will be built into HTML, but you’d need to link to them manually.

I dunno. Ghostwriter seem to give a lot of issues, currently having this error