The best examples for makin' Hugo Template

This is not spam, I just simply believe the best way to learn some thing is look at official examples. In this case is _internal template. But I don’t understand why it wasn’t shown directly in the doc. So I think sharing the source (in Hugo repo) maybe useful for anyone looking references. Or at least for me, a good way to bookmark stuff:

(I thought I couldn’t find it :smile:)

I know that the link is definitely somewhere in the docs. The problem is, to find the link. It is very easy to add it to places where you think it might help others. Just go to and create a pull request. The site is a Hugo website, so syntax is just like on your own site. I would NOT post the whole code of the internal templates, but a link here or there (definitely here: to the tpl folder wouldn’t be bad.

I actually rely a lot on the internal templates to learn makin’ Hugo theme, especially pagination part. I believe that even a best doc still need good examples. So it would be nice to link the internal template to the equivalent guide. For example, we have guide for pagination, then at the end the pagination.html should be added. It would be very useful.

I know that we have a huge open source that’s always ready to be examples for doc. But the point is timing. Looking in a tons of theme to find an example for the part we are reading is a pain also doing that will kill the coherence of reading.