Book for hugo?

Is there any book that explains hugo advanced topics in detail with code examples?

No there is not. There are some basic video tutorials around.

The current way to go about learning Hugo is through the Docs, this Forum i.e. whenever you hit a roadblock come here and use the search button, chances are that someone had this problem before you did and there is a solution somewhere over here.

Also looking at other people’s projects and themes will help you a lot. For example for bleeding edge Hugo the best reference is the gohugoio theme that is used across all Hugo sites:


You are right about studying themes.
How to choose themes to study first? There are a ton of them in

It could be nice if they could be sorted based on last update date to choose most recent ones.

Could you propose a few more well-developed hugo themes?

Themes are displayed by lastmod i.e. last modification. So freshest themes are always at the top of the Hugo Themes Showcase.

Note that I am one the Theme Showcase maintainers, so it’s not my place to recommend well-developed themes.

But if you read about the development of new features in the recent releases of Hugo (in the past 18 months or so) you will see that Page Bundles, Page Resources, Image Processing, Hugo Pipes are very important.

Few themes use the above features.

I see. Thanks for the info.
Where can I find code examples of sites made with hugo?

Also, is there any hugo recipes site?

The gohugoio GitHub organization page lists all official repos (and some that are work-in-progress)

Not a recipe site per se, butRegis Philibert’s blog posts about Hugo are particularly helpful. See:

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Unfortunately not. But I did made a bunch of articles in a very rough book idea (with some imagination) here: Perhaps there’s an article there that matches what you search. :slight_smile:


Hey! this is awesome!

I haven’t seen anything this well done and extensive since Regis Philibert’s also amazing site!

Good Job!

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