Can I paginate an article in hugo?

I have seen articles which are linked to each other, such as top ten things etc. And they are paginated. How can I go about that within my hugo website? Please share an example template or easy to follow code. Since I am not super techie. Thanks!

Have you tried the sample code at

Yeah, I tried everything from a list of some simple Google search results.

I would use a taxonomy (tags) for that. Then the tags list page is paginated.

My suggestion would be to find an example of how you like the pages are listed and paginated from one of the themes in the showcase, and then look at the code that produces that output. You have to know how to create a theme template before you can paginate, there’s no getting around that.

I have customized my current theme to an extent where I know all of my codes. And since I couldn’t find an example template, as you said, I am here to ask help from other developers who might know such a template and share it with me.

I already have mentioned the same.