The Abbreviations (MMARK) does not work in the Hugo

This is a bug, or it is specifically disabled? The BlackFriday has ability to customize modules in the Hugo. Is it possible to customize modules of the mmark in the Hugo?

I asked the author of the mmark, and he redirected me here.

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Please don’t label missing features as “bugs”.

@anthonyfok added support to Hugo and marked it as “experimental”. He might know more, but if it doesn’t mention “custom mmark” in the documentation, I guess it’s not implemented.

BlackFriday does not support multiline footnotes and unsuitable for scientific texts. It would be nice to see the full support of the mmark, because it is more functional for serious publications.

This should happen, but someone have to do it, and I’m afraid it’s not gonna be me. Pull requests welcomed.

Thank you for reporting the issue, @Mikhail!
And thanks for the ping, @bep! I would have completely missed this thread otherwise.

Indeed, it is another case of mea culpa… Either I did not expose all the mmark extensions in the first place, or I did not keep up with mmark’s new extensions over time, or probably both. :slight_smile:

I have opened a new issue at, and I will give it a try. Don’t hold your breath though, as I could be slow, very slow. :slight_smile:


Hi @anthonyfok. Is there any update of the mmark options in the new version of Hugo?

Hi @Mikhail, sorry, I didn’t complete the feature for v0.16. See for the current progress.

That said, if you really need this feature now, you may compile Hugo from source patched with Pull Request 1970. Or, if you don’t know how, I can compile a test Hugo binary for you. If you want it, please reply and tell me what OS and CPU you are using.


Sorry, corrrection:

Thanks for your work. I do not need these options urgently, I can wait for the next release. I did not expect that the Integration will be difficult, it seemed to me, that is enough to copy the code from BlackFriday.

Is there any progress on implementing this or when should we expect this in a new release?

I am currently using a template hack, but its not a long term solution.

Is there anyway to add this support on top of blackfriday as well?

You should ask the Blackfriday project about Blackfriday.

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