Abbreviations a.k.a. HTML5 abbr tag

I have a bunch of docs that I wrote using the PHP Markdown Extra flavor of Markdown and I used abbreviations in almost all these docs. For example, here are the abbreviations at the bottom of a random one of these docs:

*[DM]: direct message
*[IRL]: in real life

In Hugo I prefer to use the Mmark flavor of Markdown and according to Mmark’s Syntax doc, abbreviations are supported. Unfortunately, abbreviations are not yet(*) supported in Hugo’s Mmark engine. This is a known issue as discussed in:


The 1st link above was CLOSED NOV 14, '16 so I’m creating a new topic to find out what the latest is on this and to ping @anthonyfok who I hope is still planning to implement this!

(*): Hugo version 18.1